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Food & Nutrition

At Odommo Bangladesh Foundation, we believe that access to nutritious food is a fundamental right for every individual. Our Food & Nutrition program is dedicated to alleviating hunger and improving the health of underprivileged communities in Bangladesh. Through various initiatives, we provide food assistance, promote sustainable agriculture, and conduct nutrition education to combat malnutrition.


Education is the cornerstone of development and progress. OBF is committed to enhancing access to quality education for disadvantaged children and youth. Our Education program includes scholarships, school infrastructure improvement, and educational support to empower the next generation with knowledge and skills.

Youth Development

Empowering youth is vital for the future of Bangladesh. OBF’s Youth Development initiatives aim to nurture leadership skills, provide vocational training, and create opportunities for young people to realize their potential. We believe in fostering a generation of change-makers who can drive positive transformations in their communities.

Residential Village

Our Residential Village project focuses on providing a safe and nurturing environment for orphaned and vulnerable children. We aim to create a holistic living experience that includes education, healthcare, and emotional support, ensuring these children grow up with hope and opportunities for a brighter future.

OBBS (Odommo Bangladesh Better Stories)

OBBS, short for Odommo Bangladesh Better Stories, is a transformative initiative by Odommo Bangladesh Foundation. It’s designed to empower individuals and small businesses to create better livelihoods and brighter futures. We understand the importance of economic self-reliance and the positive impact it can have on communities. Through OBBS, we offer comprehensive business support, training, and access to microfinance opportunities, enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.


In addition to our core focus areas, OBF also undertakes various projects and campaigns to address emerging needs and crises within our communities. Our Projects section highlights our ongoing efforts to make a positive impact where it is most needed.

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